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Welcome to the InVision Engineering Blog

Welcome to our new engineering blog. InVision is known as a design company – more accurately a collaborative design company – but there is a lot of interesting engineering that goes on behind the scenes, so we are an engineering company too.

We work on real-time interactive collaboration tools that have to be pixel perfect, 100% reliable, fantastically usable, and enterprise-grade secure. On this blog, we’ll talk about how we do all that from an engineering perspective: Our technology and architecture, our tools and techniques, our people and processes.

We plan to write about diverse topics from the obvious (we use a lot of Javascript, so we’ll write about that) to the moderately obvious (we’re fully cloud-hosted: that’s got pluses and minuses) to the not-at-all-obvious (how we organize so that we don’t need formal project managers). We will write about the lessons we’ve learned along the way and, in the spirit of helping the community, we’ll even write about some of the mistakes we’ve made that you should avoid. We will introduce you to key engineers who’ve helped building InVision into what it is today and who are busy solving the hard engineering challenges that will take us into the future.

We love being a fully remote, fully WFH company and we love how much more productive we are every day. We work here because we are the kind of engineers who love shipping new features to our customers every single day. If you are too, come join us!

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